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Welcome to our guide on unique return gifts for baby showers! Baby showers are special occasions where friends and family gather to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. It is customary to offer a small token of appreciation to guests who attend these events, as a way of thanking them for their support and love. In this article, we will explore a range of creative and thoughtful return gift ideas that are sure to delight your guests. Whether you’re hosting a traditional baby shower or looking for something out of the ordinary, we’ve got you covered!

Traditional Return Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Baby Onesies

One of the most popular and practical return gift options for a baby shower is personalized baby onesies. These adorable garments can be customized with the baby’s name, initials, or a cute message. Guests will love receiving a unique and thoughtful gift that they can use for their own little ones or keep as a memento.

2. Baby Booties and Socks

Another classic choice for a baby shower return gift is baby booties or socks. These tiny accessories not only keep little feet warm and cozy, but they also make for an adorable keepsake. Consider opting for organic cotton or soft materials to ensure maximum comfort for the baby.

3. Handmade Soaps and Bath Products

Pamper your guests with a selection of handmade soaps and bath products. These luxurious treats can be made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle and soothing experience for both mom and baby. Package them in cute, eco-friendly packaging and add a personalized tag to make the gift even more special.

4. Baby Shower Cookie Jars

For guests with a sweet tooth, consider gifting them baby shower-themed cookie jars. Fill these jars with delicious homemade cookies or store-bought treats. To add an extra touch, attach a recipe card with the cookie recipe, so guests can recreate the yummy delights at home.

Unique and Creative Return Gift Ideas

1. Customized Recipe Books

If you’re looking for a unique and personal return gift, consider creating customized recipe books. Ask each guest to bring their favorite tried and tested recipe to the baby shower and compile them into a beautifully designed recipe book. This thoughtful gift allows guests to share a piece of their culinary expertise with the new parents, creating a lasting memory.

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2. DIY Terrarium Kits

Get your creative juices flowing with DIY terrarium kits as return gifts. These miniature gardens in glass containers are not only visually appealing but also easy to care for. Guests will appreciate receiving a unique gift that allows them to express their creativity and bring a touch of nature into their homes.

3. Plantable Seed Paper

For an eco-friendly and memorable return gift, consider plantable seed paper. These handmade papers are embedded with seeds that can be planted in the ground to grow beautiful flowers or herbs. Guests can use these unique papers for crafting or writing special messages, then watch them bloom into a representation of their love for the baby.

4. Baby Memory Jars

Capture the precious moments and milestones of the baby’s first year with baby memory jars. These jars can be filled with small keepsakes such as a lock of hair from the first haircut, a hospital bracelet, or a handwritten note. Each guest can contribute a memory or memento, creating a heartfelt and cherished gift that the parents can treasure for years to come.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect return gift for a baby shower can be a delightful task. From traditional options like personalized onesies and baby booties to unique and creative choices such as customized recipe books and plantable seed paper, the possibilities are endless. Remember to select gifts that reflect your style and the personality of the parents-to-be. The most important aspect is the thought and appreciation behind the gesture. By choosing a unique return gift, you are not only expressing gratitude but also creating lasting memories for all involved. Happy baby shower planning!


1. What are unique return gifts for a baby shower?
– Unique return gifts for a baby shower are personalized items such as customized baby photo frames or engraved keychains, handmade items like baby booties or blankets, or practical items like mini emergency kits for parents.

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2. Where can I find unique return gifts for a baby shower?
– You can find unique return gifts for a baby shower at specialty baby stores, online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, or even at local craft fairs or boutique shops.

3. Are personalized return gifts expensive?
– The cost of personalized return gifts can vary depending on the item and customization options chosen. However, there are often affordable options available, especially if you shop around or consider DIY options.

4. What are some DIY ideas for unique return gifts for a baby shower?
– Some DIY ideas for unique return gifts for a baby shower include homemade baby food jars, handmade soaps or bath bombs, personalized onesies or baby bibs, or even customized baby name or initial artwork.

5. Can I give gender-neutral return gifts for a baby shower?
– Absolutely! Gender-neutral return gifts for a baby shower are a great option to cater to all guests. Some ideas include baby-themed cookies or cupcakes, plantable seed paper with baby-themed designs, or practical items like reusable food pouches or teething toys.

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