Unique Teacher Gifts For 2020

*The perfect gifts to show appreciation to the educators who go above and beyond*

As the year 2020 comes to a close, it is important to reflect on the challenges we have faced and express gratitude to those who have supported us. One group of individuals who deserve special recognition for their unwavering dedication are our teachers. Throughout this tumultuous year, they have adapted to new teaching methods, navigated virtual classrooms, and provided support to their students both academically and emotionally. As the holiday season approaches, it is the perfect time to show our appreciation with unique gifts that recognize their hard work and commitment. In this article, we will explore some creative and thoughtful gift ideas for teachers in 2020.

Thoughtful Tokens of Appreciation

Personalized Stationery

Gifts that are personalized show that you have put thought and effort into selecting something special. Personalized stationery is a great option for teachers, as it combines functionality with a personal touch. Consider gifting a set of custom-made notepads, embossed with the teacher’s name or initials. This allows them to make notes or write special messages to students with a touch of elegance.

Customized Classroom Decor

Teachers spend countless hours in their classrooms creating a warm and welcoming environment for their students. Help them add a personal touch to their space with customized classroom decor. Whether it’s a custom-made banner with their name and subject, or a custom-designed poster featuring an inspirational quote, these gifts will not only brighten up their classroom but also remind them of the impact they have on their students’ lives.

Practical and Functional Choices

Subscription to an Educational Magazine

Teachers are lifelong learners, constantly seeking new ideas and inspiration to enhance their teaching methods. A subscription to an educational magazine in their area of interest is a fantastic gift idea. It allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest research, teaching techniques, and trends in education. Whether it’s a magazine focused on science, literature, or technology, this gift will provide them with a valuable resource to further enrich their lessons.

Digital Planner or Organization App

In today’s digital age, many teachers rely on technology to stay organized. Consider gifting them a subscription to a digital planner or organization app that can help streamline their tasks and schedules. These tools often offer features such as calendar integration, reminder notifications, and task management. By providing them with a practical and efficient way to stay on top of their busy schedules, you are giving the gift of time and peace of mind.

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Gifts That Inspire Relaxation and Self-Care

Spa or Wellness Gift Set

Teaching can be a demanding profession, both physically and mentally. Help your favorite teacher unwind and recharge with a spa or wellness gift set. This could include luxurious bath products, scented candles, or a cozy robe and slippers. Such gifts encourage relaxation and self-care, allowing teachers to rejuvenate and take care of themselves, ultimately benefiting their well-being and their ability to provide the best support to their students.

Meditation or Mindfulness Resources

In today’s fast-paced world, the practice of mindfulness and meditation has gained significant popularity. Help your teacher find inner peace and reduce stress with a gift that promotes mindfulness. This could be a subscription to a meditation app or a book on mindfulness techniques. By encouraging teachers to take a few moments each day to focus on their well-being, you are empowering them to be the best version of themselves both in and out of the classroom.


Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the minds of future generations, and they deserve our appreciation and recognition. As we approach the end of the year, it is the perfect time to express our gratitude through thoughtful and unique gifts. From personalized stationery to digital planners, spa gift sets to mindfulness resources, there are countless options available to show our appreciation in 2020. Let’s take this opportunity to give back to those who give so much to us.


1. What are some unique teacher gifts for 2020?
2. How can I find unique teacher gifts within my budget?
3. Are there any personalized teacher gift options available?
4. Can I order unique teacher gifts online?
5. What are some popular unique teacher gift ideas for 2020?


1. Some unique teacher gifts for 2020 include personalized engraved pencils, custom-made teacher mugs, subscription boxes tailored for educators, handmade classroom decorations, and virtual gift cards for online teaching resources.
2. To find unique teacher gifts within your budget, consider browsing through online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, where you can filter options by price range. Additionally, you can explore DIY gift ideas that allow you to create something special without breaking the bank.
3. Yes, there are plenty of personalized teacher gift options available. Some examples include customized teacher tote bags, monogrammed stationery sets, engraved keychains, personalized bookmarks, and nameplate desk signs.
4. Absolutely! Ordering unique teacher gifts online is convenient and offers a wide variety of options. Many websites specialize in personalized teacher gifts, making it easy to find something special for your favorite educator.
5. Popular unique teacher gift ideas for 2020 include digital planners or organizers, eco-friendly classroom supplies, educational board games, teacher-themed jewelry or accessories, and online courses or subscriptions focused on professional development.

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