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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your tech-savvy friend, family member, or colleague? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a variety of unique tech gifts that are both affordable and impressive. Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for something different, these gifts are sure to bring joy to any tech enthusiast. From quirky gadgets to practical accessories, there’s something for everyone on this list. So let’s dive in and discover the best tech gifts under $30!

1. Bluetooth Beanie

Stay warm and connected with a Bluetooth beanie. These stylish winter hats feature built-in Bluetooth speakers, allowing the wearer to listen to music or take calls hands-free. With a range of colors and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect beanie to suit any style. Whether they’re out for a jog or simply commuting to work, your loved one will appreciate this practical and fashionable gift.

2. Smartphone Projector

Turn any room into a home theater with a smartphone projector. These compact devices allow you to project videos, photos, or presentations directly from your smartphone onto a larger screen. Perfect for movie nights, parties, or educational purposes, a smartphone projector is a unique and affordable gift that will entertain and impress.

3. Wireless Charging Pad

Say goodbye to tangled cords with a wireless charging pad. Compatible with most smartphones and smartwatches, these sleek and compact pads allow for effortless charging. Simply place your device on the pad, and it will begin to charge wirelessly. This convenient and clutter-free solution is a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

4. Smart LED Light Strip

Add some ambiance to any room with a smart LED light strip. These versatile strips can be placed under cabinets, behind TVs, or along walls to create stunning lighting effects. With customizable colors and brightness levels, your loved one can set the perfect mood for any occasion. Controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands, a smart LED light strip is a unique and creative gift that will transform any space.

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5. USB Desk Fan

Keep cool during those long hours at the office with a USB desk fan. Compact and portable, these fans can be connected to any USB port, making them perfect for the office, home, or even outdoor use. With adjustable speeds and a quiet operation, a USB desk fan is a practical and thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a little extra breeze in their life.

6. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring the party wherever you go with a portable Bluetooth speaker. These compact speakers deliver high-quality sound and can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether it’s for a picnic, beach outing, or simply listening to music at home, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a versatile gift that will enhance any audio experience.

7. Smart Plug

Transform any ordinary device into a smart device with a smart plug. These intelligent plugs can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, allowing you to turn devices on or off with a single touch. Whether it’s a lamp, coffee maker, or fan, a smart plug is a practical and affordable gift that brings convenience and automation to any home.


Finding unique and affordable tech gifts doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity and research, you can surprise your loved ones with impressive gifts that won’t break the bank. From Bluetooth beanies to smart plugs, these tech gifts under $30 offer both functionality and innovation. So the next time you’re looking for a gift that stands out from the crowd, consider one of these options. Your tech-savvy friends and family will thank you for it!


1. Can you recommend some unique tech gifts under $30?
Yes, we have compiled a list of unique tech gifts under $30 that are both affordable and innovative.

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2. Is there any tech gift that is suitable for someone who loves photography?
Certainly! You can consider gifting a smartphone lens kit or a portable photo printer, which are great options for photography enthusiasts.

3. Are there any tech gadgets under $30 that are suitable for music lovers?
Absolutely! You can consider gifting a Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, or even a mini karaoke microphone, all available under $30.

4. Are there any tech gifts that are suitable for gamers?
Yes, there are several options for gamers within the $30 price range. Some popular choices include gaming accessories like a gaming mouse, controller grips, or a smartphone gamepad.

5. Can you recommend a tech gift under $30 for someone who loves fitness and health?
Certainly! You can consider gifting a fitness tracker, smart water bottle, or a smart skipping rope, which are all useful gadgets for fitness and health enthusiasts.

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