Unique Ways To Give Money For Wedding Gift

Unique Ways to Give Money as a Wedding Gift


Weddings are joyous occasions that celebrate the union of two individuals in love. Along with the happiness and excitement comes the responsibility of choosing the perfect wedding gift. While traditional gifts such as kitchen appliances or home decor items are always appreciated, many couples nowadays prefer the flexibility and practicality of receiving money as a wedding gift. If you’re looking for unique ways to give money as a wedding gift, this article will provide you with creative and memorable ideas that will make your gift stand out.

I. Money Tree: A Symbolic Gift

A. Concept and Design:
– The money tree is a decorative arrangement where money is clipped or folded and attached to the branches of a small tree.
– Choose a small potted tree and decorate it with ribbons, flowers, or ornaments to enhance its appearance.
– Attach money bills of various denominations to the branches using paper clips, clothespins, or decorative clips.

B. Significance and Presentation:
– The money tree symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and growth for the couple’s future.
– Present the money tree to the couple during the wedding reception, and explain its significance.
– Alternatively, gift the money tree to the couple before the wedding, allowing them to display it during the ceremony or at their reception.

C. Example:
– Sarah and John, a couple who are passionate about traveling, received a money tree as a wedding gift. The branches of the tree were adorned with folded bills resembling different currencies from around the world. This unique gift not only impressed the couple but also allowed them to start a travel fund for their honeymoon adventures.

II. Puzzle Money: An Interactive Gift

A. Concept and Design:
– Create a custom puzzle using a favorite photograph of the couple or a picture related to their interests.
– Divide the puzzle pieces among small envelopes and insert money bills in some of the envelopes.
– Write clues or personal messages on each envelope to guide the couple in solving the puzzle.

B. Engagement and Entertainment:
– This interactive gift provides the couple with an engaging and fun activity to enjoy together.
– The process of solving the puzzle and finding the hidden money bills adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gift.

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C. Example:
– Emily and Mark, who are both puzzle enthusiasts, received a personalized puzzle as a wedding gift. As they solved the puzzle, they discovered hidden envelopes containing money bills. This creative and entertaining gift not only brought joy and laughter to their wedding day but also provided them with some extra funds to start their married life.

III. Money Bouquet: A Beautiful and Practical Gift

A. Concept and Design:
– Create a bouquet using both real or artificial flowers and money bills folded into origami shapes.
– Fold money bills into flowers, leaves, or other decorative shapes, and attach them to stems or wires.
– Arrange the money flowers along with real flowers or greenery to create an eye-catching and unique bouquet.

B. Practicality and Aesthetics:
– The money bouquet combines the beauty of traditional flower bouquets with the practicality of monetary gifts.
– The couple can enjoy the visual appeal of the bouquet and easily disassemble it to use the money as needed.

C. Example:
– Michael and Jennifer, a couple passionate about interior design, received a money bouquet as a wedding gift. The bouquet featured origami flowers made from money bills in various colors, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the arrangement. They were not only able to appreciate the beauty of the gift but also use the money to add a personal touch to their new home.


Choosing a wedding gift that is both unique and practical can be a challenge. However, by considering alternative ways to give money as a gift, you can create a memorable and meaningful present for the newlyweds. Whether it’s a money tree symbolizing prosperity, a puzzle gift adding excitement, or a money bouquet combining aesthetics and practicality, these ideas will surely make your gift stand out. Let your creativity shine and make the couple feel special on their big day!


1. Can I give a gift card as a unique way to give money for a wedding gift?
Yes, gift cards can be a unique and convenient way to give money as a wedding gift. The couple can use the gift card to purchase something they need or want.

2. Is it proper etiquette to give cash as a wedding gift?
Yes, giving cash as a wedding gift is considered acceptable and appreciated by many couples. It allows them to use the money as they wish, whether it’s for honeymoon expenses, saving for their future, or purchasing something specific.

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3. What are some unique ways to present the money as a wedding gift?
Some unique ways to present money as a wedding gift include folding the bills into origami shapes, creating a money bouquet or tree, placing the cash in a personalized envelope or card, or even crafting a money-filled piƱata.

4. Can I contribute to a honeymoon fund as a unique way to give money for a wedding gift?
Yes, contributing to a couple’s honeymoon fund is a unique and thoughtful way to give money as a wedding gift. Many couples nowadays create honeymoon funds or crowdfunding pages where guests can contribute to their travel experiences.

5. Are there any traditional alternatives to giving money as a wedding gift?
Yes, there are traditional alternatives to giving money as a wedding gift. Some examples include purchasing a meaningful item from the couple’s registry, gifting a personalized keepsake or artwork, or arranging and covering the cost of a special experience or outing for the newlyweds.

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