Unique Ways To Hand Out Gifts To Family Children


In today’s age of technology and instant gratification, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find creative and memorable ways to hand out gifts to family children. Traditional gift-giving has lost some of its charm, often resulting in lackluster reactions from the recipients. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of unique and exciting ways to make gift-giving a memorable experience for both the giver and the receiver. In this article, we will explore different methods of distributing gifts to family children that will leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories.

1. Treasure Hunt

Kids love adventure and the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. Transform gift-giving into an exciting treasure hunt by creating a series of clues and riddles that lead them from one location to another. Each clue can be placed inside a small envelope or hidden within a box. The final clue should lead them to the ultimate treasure – their gift. This interactive experience will not only build anticipation but also engage their problem-solving skills.

2. Personalized Scavenger Hunt

Take the treasure hunt idea a step further by customizing it to each child’s interests and preferences. Create a personalized scavenger hunt that incorporates their favorite hobbies, characters, or even memories. For example, if your child loves superheroes, leave clues that lead them to different comic book stores or landmarks associated with their favorite heroes. This not only makes the gift-giving experience more interactive but also showcases your effort and thoughtfulness.

3. Secret Santa

Bring the excitement of Secret Santa to your family gift-giving tradition. Assign each child a secret gift recipient within the family. This adds an element of surprise and anticipation as they try to guess who their Secret Santa may be. Encourage children to create handmade gifts or write heartfelt notes to accompany their presents. Not only does this foster creativity and empathy, but it also strengthens the bond between family members.

4. Puzzle Pieces

Transform the act of receiving a gift into a challenging and fun puzzle-solving activity. Disassemble the gift into various puzzle pieces and place them in envelopes or wrapped individually. Provide the children with a clue or small piece of the puzzle each day, leading up to the grand reveal. This method not only prolongs the excitement but also encourages children to work together if it’s a shared gift.

5. Balloon Surprise

Inflate a bunch of colorful balloons and fill them with small treats or clues leading to the actual gift. Scatter the balloons around the room, and let the children pop them one by one to reveal their surprises. This visually appealing and interactive way of distributing gifts will surely keep children entertained and excited throughout the process.

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6. DIY Gift Wrapping

Add a personal touch to your gift-giving tradition by involving the children in the wrapping process. Provide them with plain wrapping paper, markers, stickers, and other creative materials. Encourage them to decorate the gift wrap with their own unique designs or messages. This not only makes the gift more special but also empowers children to take pride in their creations.

7. Time Capsule

Instead of a traditional gift, create a time capsule for each child. Assemble items that hold sentimental value or represent their current interests and hobbies. Include handwritten letters from family members, photographs, small trinkets, and even a newspaper from the day. Seal the time capsule and set a date for its opening in the future. This gift not only creates excitement but also preserves memories for years to come.

8. Surprise Delivery

To add an unexpected twist to gift-giving, arrange for surprise deliveries to your family children. Whether it’s a special character or the family pet delivering the gift, the element of surprise will undoubtedly make the experience memorable. Coordinate with friends or neighbors to create a surprise visit that will leave the children in awe and fill their hearts with joy.


Gift-giving doesn’t have to be mundane or predictable. By incorporating unique methods and personal touches, we can create memorable experiences for family children. Whether it’s through treasure hunts, personalized scavenger hunts, Secret Santa, puzzles, balloon surprises, DIY gift wrapping, time capsules, or surprise deliveries, the possibilities are endless. Embrace creativity and make gift-giving an exciting and cherished tradition that will be remembered for years to come. Let’s reimagine the way we hand out gifts and create lasting memories for our loved ones.


Q: What are some unique ways to hand out gifts to family children?

A: There are several creative ways to hand out gifts to family children. Some ideas include organizing a scavenger hunt, creating a gift treasure map, setting up a surprise gift box, hosting a gift wrapping contest, or arranging a surprise visit from a favorite character or superhero.

Q: How can I organize a scavenger hunt for gift distribution?

A: To organize a scavenger hunt, you can hide clues or small gifts in different locations around the house or yard. Provide the children with the first clue, leading them to the next one until they find the final gift. You can also add fun challenges or riddles to make it more engaging.

Q: How can I create a gift treasure map for distribution?

A: Creating a gift treasure map involves drawing a map that indicates the location of hidden gifts. Add landmarks or symbols to make it more exciting. Leave clues or riddles alongside the map to guide the children to the hidden gifts.

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Q: How can I set up a surprise gift box for distribution?

A: To set up a surprise gift box, choose a decorative box or container and fill it with small gifts or treats. Wrap the box in colorful paper and place it in a prominent location where the children will find it unexpectedly. You can also attach a note or a riddle to add an element of surprise.

Q: How can I host a gift wrapping contest for distribution?

A: To host a gift wrapping contest, provide the children with various wrapping papers, ribbons, and decorations. Set a time limit and let them wrap their gifts creatively. Assign judges or family members to evaluate and award prizes for the best-wrapped gifts based on creativity, neatness, or unique presentation.

Q: How can I arrange a surprise visit from a favorite character or superhero for gift distribution?

A: To arrange a surprise visit, you can hire a professional entertainer or costume character to visit your home. Coordinate with them to distribute the gifts to the children while they are dressed up as the children’s favorite character or superhero. This unexpected and exciting visit will make the gift distribution memorable for the kids.

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