Unique Ways To Wrap A Queen Blanket As A Gift


Are you searching for the perfect gift for a loved one? Look no further than a cozy and luxurious queen blanket. Not only will it keep them warm and comfortable, but it also serves as a thoughtful and practical present. However, why settle for ordinary gift wrapping when you can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the presentation? In this article, we will explore some unique ways to wrap a queen blanket using Markdown formatting. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gift wrapper, these ideas will surely elevate your gift-giving game.

1. The Classic Ribbon Wrap

One of the most elegant and timeless ways to wrap a queen blanket is by using a classic ribbon. Start by folding the blanket neatly and securing it with a ribbon around the middle. You can choose a ribbon in a color that complements the blanket or opt for a contrasting shade to create a striking visual impact. Tie a beautiful bow on top, and voila! Your gift is ready to be presented. This simple yet sophisticated wrapping style is perfect for any occasion.

2. The Flower Bouquet Wrap

For a more whimsical and creative presentation, consider wrapping the queen blanket like a flower bouquet. Begin by rolling the blanket tightly, as you would roll a sleeping bag. Once rolled, secure the blanket with a decorative ribbon or twine, leaving a few inches of excess ribbon at the top. Now, gently spread out the top portion of the rolled blanket to resemble flower petals. Tie the excess ribbon or twine around the spread-out portion, creating a floral-like shape. This unique wrapping style not only looks visually appealing but also adds an element of surprise.

3. The Gift Basket Wrap

Give your queen blanket a gift basket-like makeover with this next wrapping idea. Start by selecting a shallow and wide basket that complements the blanket’s colors. Line the basket with a soft fabric or tissue paper to provide a cushioning effect. Fold the queen blanket neatly and place it inside the basket, making sure it fills the basket completely. Add some additional goodies like scented candles, fuzzy socks, or a book to enhance the gift’s appeal. Finally, wrap the entire basket in clear cellophane and tie a decorative bow on top. This gift wrapping style adds opulence and creates a sense of anticipation as the recipient unravels the layers.

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4. The Personalized Monogram Wrap

Add a personal touch to your gift by incorporating a monogram into the wrapping. Begin by purchasing iron-on monogram letters that match the recipient’s initials. Lay the queen blanket flat and position the monogram letters in the desired location. Following the instructions provided, iron the letters onto the blanket, ensuring a secure bond. Be careful not to apply excessive heat to avoid damaging the fabric. This unique wrapping style not only adds a personal touch but also turns the queen blanket into a cherished and customized keepsake.

5. The Nature-Inspired Wrap

Embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating natural elements into your gift wrapping. Begin by wrapping the queen blanket in a plain craft paper, securing it with tape. Now, gather an assortment of dried flowers, twigs, and leaves to create a nature-inspired arrangement. Arrange the elements on top of the wrapped blanket, creating a visually appealing composition. Secure the elements with twine or a thin ribbon, and add a small tag with a heartfelt message. This wrapping style adds a rustic and organic charm to your gift.


Wrapping a queen blanket in a unique and creative way elevates the gift-giving experience and adds a personal touch. Whether you opt for the classic ribbon wrap, the flower bouquet wrap, the gift basket wrap, the personalized monogram wrap, or the nature-inspired wrap, your thoughtful presentation will be appreciated by the recipient. Remember to choose a wrapping style that complements the blanket’s color and texture, and have fun experimenting with different materials and techniques. With these unique ways to wrap a queen blanket, you can turn a simple gift into a memorable and cherished keepsake.


1. What are some unique ways to wrap a queen blanket as a gift?
– One unique way is to fold the blanket into a creative shape, such as a flower or a swan, and secure it with a ribbon.
– Another unique idea is to use the blanket as wrapping paper for other smaller gifts, creating a layered and cozy surprise.

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2. How can I create a flower shape with a queen blanket?
– Start by folding the blanket in half diagonally to form a triangle.
– Then, roll the blanket tightly from one of the corners towards the midpoint.
– Finally, shape the rolled blanket into a spiral, resembling a flower, and secure it with a ribbon.

3. Can I use a queen blanket to wrap multiple smaller gifts?
– Yes, you can use a queen blanket as wrapping paper for smaller gifts.
– Place the smaller gifts in the center of the blanket, fold the corners towards the middle, and secure them with tape or a ribbon.

4. Are there any other unique ways to wrap a queen blanket as a gift?
– Yes, you can create a cozy gift basket by placing the folded blanket inside a woven basket along with other comfort-related goodies like candles and books.
– Alternatively, you can transform the blanket into a wrapping bag by sewing the edges together and adding handles.

5. Where can I find tutorials or inspiration for unique blanket wrapping ideas?
– You can search online platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, or craft blogs for tutorials and inspiration on unique ways to wrap a queen blanket as a gift.
– There are also numerous creative gift-wrapping books available that may provide ideas and step-by-step instructions.

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