Unique Xmas Gift Ideas For 9 Year Old Boy 2019


Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for a 9-year-old boy in your life? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a variety of unique gift ideas that are sure to make this Christmas memorable. From educational toys to thrilling experiences, there is something for every young boy’s interests and preferences. Read on to discover the best presents to put a smile on a 9-year-old boy’s face this holiday season.

1. Educational Toys

1.1 Science Experiment Kits

Science experiment kits are a fantastic gift option for young boys who are curious about the world around them. These kits provide hands-on learning experiences that are both fun and educational. For example, the “National Geographic Mega Science Lab” includes various experiments such as growing crystals and exploring the properties of magnets. This kit not only encourages scientific thinking but also sparks creativity and problem-solving skills.

1.2 Coding Games and Toys

In today’s digital age, coding is becoming an essential skill. Luckily, there are numerous coding games and toys available that make learning code enjoyable for kids. “Osmo Coding Jam” is a great example of a gift that combines physical and digital play. By arranging physical blocks in different sequences, kids can compose their own music and learn the basics of coding simultaneously.

2. Outdoor Adventures

2.1 Adventure Park Passes

If the 9-year-old boy in your life enjoys outdoor activities, consider gifting him a day pass to an adventure park. These parks offer thrilling experiences such as zip-lining, rock climbing, and obstacle courses. Not only will this gift provide an adrenaline rush, but it will also create lasting memories. Many adventure parks have age-appropriate activities that cater specifically to younger children, ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

2.2 Camping Gear

Encourage the love for nature and exploration by providing camping gear as a Christmas gift. A quality tent, sleeping bag, and camping essentials set will enable the young boy to embark on exciting camping adventures with friends and family. Additionally, don’t forget to include a guidebook with kid-friendly tips and tricks for outdoor survival. This gift not only promotes physical activity but also fosters an appreciation for the environment.

3. Artistic Pursuits

3.1 Drawing and Sketching Sets

If the 9-year-old boy has a flair for creativity, an art set can be an excellent gift choice. A comprehensive drawing and sketching set will provide him with the tools necessary to explore different artistic techniques. Look for a set that includes a variety of pencils, erasers, and paper, as well as instruction books or online tutorials to inspire and guide his artistic endeavors.

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3.2 Photography Kit

For boys interested in capturing the world through a lens, a photography kit can be a perfect gift. Consider a beginner-friendly digital camera that allows him to experiment with different settings and subjects. Add a sturdy carrying case and a photography book specifically designed for kids to further enhance his skills and knowledge. This gift not only encourages creativity but also teaches patience and attention to detail.

4. Gaming and Technology

4.1 Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality (VR) is a growing trend, and a VR headset can provide endless entertainment for a 9-year-old boy. With a VR headset, he can explore virtual worlds, immerse himself in educational experiences, and even play interactive games. Check for age-appropriate content and ensure the headset is compatible with his gaming console or smartphone for a seamless experience.

4.2 Remote Control Toys

Remote control toys have always been a hit among kids, and they continue to evolve with new technology. Consider gifting a high-tech remote control car or drone that provides a thrilling and interactive experience. Look for features such as long battery life, durable construction, and easy maneuverability to ensure maximum enjoyment. Remote control toys not only offer fun but also improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.


Finding a unique and memorable Christmas gift for a 9-year-old boy can be a challenging task. However, by thinking outside the box and considering his interests and hobbies, you can choose a present that will leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s educational toys, outdoor adventures, artistic pursuits, or gaming and technology, there are numerous options to cater to his individual preferences. By following the gift ideas outlined in this article, you can make this Christmas an unforgettable experience for the young boy in your life.


1. What are some unique Christmas gift ideas for a 9-year-old boy in 2019?
– Some unique Christmas gift ideas for a 9-year-old boy in 2019 include a remote-controlled robot, a coding kit, a virtual reality headset, a skateboard, or a drone.

2. Which remote-controlled robot would be suitable as a Christmas gift for a 9-year-old boy?
– One great remote-controlled robot option for a 9-year-old boy could be the “Cozmo” robot by Anki. It is an interactive and programmable robot that can play games and perform various tasks.

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3. Are coding kits appropriate for a 9-year-old boy?
– Yes, coding kits can be a great gift for a 9-year-old boy. There are coding kits available specifically designed for kids in this age group, which introduce them to the basics of coding and programming in a fun and engaging way.

4. What are some popular virtual reality headsets suitable for a 9-year-old boy?
– Some popular virtual reality headsets suitable for a 9-year-old boy are the “Oculus Go” and the “Samsung Gear VR.” These headsets offer immersive experiences and have a wide range of age-appropriate content.

5. Is it safe for a 9-year-old boy to use a drone?
– It is generally safe for a 9-year-old boy to use a drone under adult supervision. However, it’s important to consider the age-appropriate features and difficulty level of the drone, as well as adhering to safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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