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In today’s digital era, gifting has taken a new form with the rise of e-commerce platforms. With just a few clicks, you can now send a gift to your loved ones, no matter the distance. To enhance this experience, many online stores use the popular Woocommerce plugin to power their gift card functionality. One important feature of a gift card is a unique code that ensures security and personalization. In this article, we will explore how to generate unique codes for gift cards using the Woocommerce Gift Card plugin. We will delve into the benefits, implementation, and best practices to make your gifting experience truly special.

Benefits of Using Unique Codes

Before we dive into the technicalities of generating unique codes, let’s first understand why they are important for gift cards. Unique codes offer several key benefits:

1. Security: Each gift card code is unique, making it highly secure and reducing the risk of fraud or misuse. This ensures that only the intended recipient can redeem the gift card.

2. Personalization: With unique codes, you can personalize each gift card, making it more special for the receiver. It allows you to add a personal touch, such as the recipient’s name or a special message, making the gift more meaningful.

3. Tracking and Analytics: Unique codes provide valuable insights into the usage and effectiveness of your gift card program. By tracking the redemption of each code, you can gain valuable data to optimize your marketing efforts and improve customer engagement.

Now that we understand the benefits, let’s explore how to generate these unique codes using the Woocommerce Gift Card plugin.

Generating Unique Codes with Woocommerce Gift Card Plugin

The Woocommerce Gift Card plugin offers a seamless solution for generating unique codes for your gift cards. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

To get started, you need to install and activate the Woocommerce Gift Card plugin on your WordPress website. This can be done by navigating to the “Plugins” section in your WordPress dashboard, searching for “Woocommerce Gift Card,” and clicking on the “Install Now” button.

Step 2: Configure the Gift Card Options

Once the plugin is activated, you can configure the gift card options according to your requirements. This includes setting the gift card amount, expiry date, and any additional customization options such as background images or personalized messages.

Step 3: Enable Unique Code Generation

Next, you will need to enable the unique code generation feature within the plugin settings. This ensures that each gift card issued will have a distinct code associated with it.

Step 4: Define Code Format and Length

Now comes the exciting part – defining the format and length of your unique gift card codes. The Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to customize the code format using placeholders such as letters, numbers, or special characters. For example, you can create a unique code format like “GIFT-{RANDOM_ALPHANUMERIC}” or “GC-{RANDOM_NUMERIC}”.

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Step 5: Customize Code Generation Rules

To further personalize your gift card codes, you can define specific rules for generating them. For instance, you can restrict certain characters, enforce a minimum or maximum length, or even exclude certain combinations to avoid any offensive or ambiguous codes.

Step 6: Test and Launch

Once you have configured all the necessary settings for your unique codes, it’s crucial to test the functionality before launching it to your customers. This will help you ensure that the codes are being generated correctly and that they meet your desired format and rules.

Best Practices for Unique Code Generation

To make the most of your gift card program and ensure a seamless customer experience, here are some best practices for generating unique codes:

1. Randomization: Ensure that the code generation algorithm is truly random. This avoids any patterns or predictability, enhancing the security of your gift cards.

2. Avoid Common Patterns: Steer clear of using common patterns or easily guessable codes. This includes sequential numbers or simple combinations like “12345” or “ABCDE.” Unique codes should be unique indeed!

3. Unique Codes for Each Gift Card: Make sure that each gift card is assigned a distinct code. This prevents any confusion or duplication when customers redeem their gift cards.

4. Consider Code Length: Strike a balance between code length and ease of use. Longer codes may offer increased security, but they can also be more cumbersome for customers to enter during the redemption process.

5. Regularly Refresh Code Pool: If you have a large number of gift cards, consider periodically refreshing the code pool to maintain security and avoid any potential breaches.


Gift cards have become an integral part of the online shopping experience, and generating unique codes is essential to ensure their security and personalization. With the Woocommerce Gift Card plugin, you can easily implement this feature and take your gifting experience to the next level. By following the best practices outlined in this article, you can create memorable gift cards that bring joy and delight to your customers. So, start generating those unique codes today and make every gift count!


What is a WooCommerce gift card plugin?

A WooCommerce gift card plugin is a tool that allows businesses to sell electronic gift cards or vouchers on their WooCommerce website. It provides a seamless way for customers to purchase and send gift cards to their loved ones, and for recipients to redeem them for products or services.

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How does a WooCommerce gift card plugin generate unique codes?

A WooCommerce gift card plugin generates unique codes by using a combination of random alphanumeric characters. These codes are assigned to each gift card purchased and are used to identify and track individual gift cards in the system.

Can I customize the gift card codes generated by the plugin?

Yes, most WooCommerce gift card plugins allow you to customize the format and structure of the gift card codes. You can specify the length, character set, and prefix or suffix of the codes to align with your branding or internal systems.

Can customers use the gift card codes multiple times?

It depends on the settings configured in the WooCommerce gift card plugin. Some plugins allow customers to use the gift card codes multiple times until the balance is fully utilized, while others may restrict the use to a single transaction. It is important to choose a plugin that aligns with your desired functionality.

How can customers check the balance of their gift cards?

WooCommerce gift card plugins usually provide a balance check feature that allows customers to check the remaining balance of their gift cards. This can be done by entering the gift card code on a specific page or during the checkout process. The plugin will then display the current balance associated with the gift card.

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