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Gift exchanges are a popular tradition during the holiday season, bringing joy and laughter to friends, family, and coworkers. One type of gift exchange that has gained immense popularity is the White Elephant gift exchange. The essence of this game lies in choosing unique and unexpected gifts that will surprise and entertain the participants. In this article, we will explore a curated list of unique White Elephant gift ideas for 2016 that are sure to make you the star of the gift exchange.

Unconventional Gadgets: Tech That Will Turn Heads

1. Smartphone Sanitizer

In the era of smartphones, cleanliness becomes a concern. A smartphone sanitizer can be a practical and unique gift that helps to keep your device germ-free. This portable device uses UV light to sanitize your phone, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It’s a gadget that not only stands out but also promotes hygiene.

2. Selfie Toaster

We all know someone who loves taking selfies. Why not transform their obsession into something delicious? With a selfie toaster, you can imprint your face (or any other desired image) onto your toast. This quirky and fun gadget is sure to bring smiles and laughter to the breakfast table.

3. Bluetooth Beanie

Winter is the perfect time to gift a Bluetooth beanie. This cozy headwear not only keeps you warm but also allows you to listen to your favorite music or answer calls wirelessly. With built-in speakers and a microphone, this gadget adds a touch of tech to your winter wardrobe.

Quirky Kitchenware: Spice Up Their Cooking Experience

1. Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters

For the baking enthusiasts in your life, Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters are a fantastic gift choice. These cutters allow them to create gingerbread men with a twist – a ninja twist. This unique kitchenware will surely inspire creativity in the kitchen and spark conversations at the dining table.

2. Taco Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Combining the love for tacos and cats, the Taco Cat Jigsaw Puzzle is a delightful gift option. This puzzle not only challenges your puzzle-solving skills but also showcases a whimsical artwork of a taco-eating cat. It’s a great way to bring entertainment and laughter to any gathering.

3. Musical Wine Glasses

Elevate the experience of wine tasting with musical wine glasses. Each glass is labeled with a specific note, allowing you to create beautiful melodies simply by running your fingers along the rims. This unique kitchenware not only adds a touch of elegance but also brings a musical twist to any dinner party.

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Playful Apparel: Make a Fashion Statement

1. Dinosaur Hoodie

Who says adults can’t have fun with their clothing? A dinosaur hoodie is a playful and unique gift option that will surely stand out. These hoodies feature an attached dinosaur hood with eyes, teeth, and spikes, making the wearer look like a walking dinosaur. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

2. Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn-themed items have become increasingly popular, and unicorn slippers are no exception. These cozy and whimsical slippers feature a unicorn design with a horn and colorful mane. Walking around with these magical slippers will make anyone feel like they’re in a fairytale.

3. Superhero Apron

For those who enjoy cooking and have a passion for superheroes, a superhero apron is the perfect gift. These aprons showcase the emblems and designs of popular superheroes, allowing the wearer to channel their inner culinary superhero. It’s a fun and practical apparel item that adds a touch of excitement to any cooking session.


Choosing the perfect White Elephant gift can be a challenge, but with a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can bring joy and laughter to the gift exchange. From unconventional gadgets to quirky kitchenware and playful apparel, the unique White Elephant gift ideas for 2016 mentioned in this article are sure to make you the star of the event. So, step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with these standout gifts. Let the laughter and excitement fill the room as you surprise and delight your fellow gift exchange participants. Happy gifting!


1. What are unique white elephant gifts?
Unique white elephant gifts are unusual and one-of-a-kind items that are typically exchanged during a white elephant gift exchange. These gifts are often humorous, unexpected, and can spark laughter and excitement among participants.

2. Where can I find unique white elephant gifts?
You can find unique white elephant gifts in various places such as online marketplaces, specialty stores, thrift shops, and novelty gift shops. Additionally, many websites offer curated lists of unique gift ideas specifically for white elephant exchanges.

3. What are some examples of unique white elephant gifts?
Some examples of unique white elephant gifts include a bacon-themed air freshener, a toilet paper printed with funny quotes, a unicorn-shaped wine holder, a cat butt pencil sharpener, and a singing fish toy. These gifts are intended to be quirky, amusing, and unexpected.

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4. Are there any rules or guidelines for choosing unique white elephant gifts?
While there are no strict rules, it’s generally recommended to choose gifts that are within a pre-determined budget and suitable for all participants. It’s also important to consider the humor and interests of the group to ensure the gift will be well-received and enjoyed.

5. How can I make my unique white elephant gift stand out?
To make your unique white elephant gift stand out, consider adding a personalized touch, such as a funny note or a custom-made accessory. You can also opt for gifts that are not only unique but also useful or practical, ensuring that your gift will be both memorable and appreciated by the recipient.

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