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Gift exchanges are a common tradition during the holiday season, bringing people together to celebrate and show appreciation for one another. One popular gift exchange game is the White Elephant, also known as Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa. In this game, participants bring wrapped gifts and take turns selecting and swapping presents. The goal is to end up with a unique, funny, or desirable gift that will bring joy and laughter to everyone involved. In this article, we will explore some of the most unique White Elephant gifts of 2017, sure to make your gift exchange a memorable experience.

Unleashing the Laughs: Unique White Elephant Gifts

Gag Gifts that Will Crack Everyone Up

1. The “In Case of Emergency” Glass Case – This hilarious gift will surely bring laughter to the party. It’s a glass case that contains a small hammer and a message that reads, “In case of emergency, break glass.” Perfect for those moments when you need to break the ice or just break something!

2. The “World’s Okayest Employee” Mug – Whether you’re at the office or working from home, this sarcastic mug is a great way to embrace mediocrity. It’s a funny and relatable gift that will surely bring some laughs and make your coworkers chuckle.

3. The “Emergency Clown Nose” – Have you ever been in a situation where you needed some instant laughter? This emergency clown nose is the perfect solution. It’s a red foam nose that can be worn anytime, anywhere, to instantly turn a frown upside down.

Quirky and Practical Gifts that Stand Out

1. The “Self-Stirring Mug” – Say goodbye to the days of stirring your coffee or tea with a spoon. The self-stirring mug does all the work for you. With a simple press of a button, the mug’s built-in motor will create a whirlpool effect, ensuring a perfectly stirred beverage every time.

2. The “Pizza Socks Box” – Who doesn’t love pizza? These quirky socks come in a packaging that looks like a delicious pizza. Inside the box, you’ll find socks that are designed to look like different pizza toppings. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a fun twist to your everyday attire.

3. The “Toilet Bowl Night Light” – This unique and practical gift is perfect for those midnight bathroom trips. It’s a motion-activated LED light that attaches to the side of the toilet bowl, illuminating the bathroom with a soft and soothing glow. No more stumbling in the dark!

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Tech Gadgets that Surprise and Delight

1. The “Bluetooth Beanie Hat” – Stay warm and connected with this innovative beanie hat. It features built-in wireless headphones that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite tunes or take calls while keeping your head cozy during the winter months.

2. The “USB Plasma Ball” – Bring the mesmerizing beauty of plasma to your desk with this USB-powered plasma ball. Watch as the electricity follows your fingertips, creating stunning patterns and colors. It’s a great conversation starter and a unique addition to any workspace.

3. The “Selfie Stick Tripod” – Combining the convenience of a selfie stick with the stability of a tripod, this gadget is perfect for capturing the perfect shot. Whether you’re traveling or just taking group photos, this versatile device will ensure that nobody gets left out of the frame.


White Elephant gift exchanges are a fantastic way to bring laughter and joy to the holiday season. In this article, we have explored some of the most unique and entertaining White Elephant gifts of 2017. From gag gifts that crack everyone up to quirky and practical presents that stand out, as well as tech gadgets that surprise and delight, there is something for everyone. With these unique gifts, you can ensure a memorable and fun-filled gift exchange that will leave everyone smiling. So, grab your favorite White Elephant gift and get ready to make this year’s gift exchange one for the books!


1. How do I pick a unique white elephant gift for 2017?
– When picking a unique white elephant gift for 2017, consider something that is unexpected, funny, or practical. Think outside the box and find something that will surprise and entertain the participants.

2. What are some unique white elephant gift ideas for 2017?
– Some unique white elephant gift ideas for 2017 include a unicorn taco holder, a cat butt tissue holder, a bacon-scented candle, a screaming goat figurine, and a toilet paper gun.

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3. Where can I find unique white elephant gifts for 2017?
– You can find unique white elephant gifts for 2017 at various online retailers, such as Amazon, Etsy, and UncommonGoods. Additionally, you can check out local specialty stores or browse through thrift shops for hidden treasures.

4. What is the price range for unique white elephant gifts in 2017?
– The price range for unique white elephant gifts in 2017 can vary depending on your budget. You can find budget-friendly options under $20, mid-range gifts between $20 and $50, or even splurge on high-end gifts over $50.

5. How can I ensure my unique white elephant gift is suitable for all participants?
– To ensure your unique white elephant gift is suitable for all participants, consider the audience and avoid offensive or inappropriate items. Stick to items that are lighthearted, universally appealing, and suitable for various age groups and personalities.

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